By Joshua Black 988581
#517403 I've started having some issues with ground objects disappearing at airports... mainly taxi lighting, signage, or markings. It seems to be most evident at some of the payware airports, but not all. At first I thought it was a flightbeam issue, but I realize it's also some of my fsdreamteam sceneries. Flytampa doesn't seem to have this issue.

It seems to occasionally happen when I'm in the virtual cockpit of any aircraft model. At times, it seems like all is well, but as soon as I begin taxing, things start disappearing. Occasionally if I simply pan the camera left or right, it might appear for a minute or two. If I skip to the exterior view, everything appears as it should... even in the wing views. I've messed around with the display settings a bit, but nothing seems to work.

My first instinct was an issue with Chaseplane, but even with Chaseplane not running, it happens.

Using FSX SP2
Windows 10
Steve's DX10 fixer and Cloud Shadows
And various models including PMDG, FSLabs, Majestic Software, Aerosoft. (Although the issue remains the same with default aircraft as well)

Suggestions? :?: :?:
By Joshua Black 988581
#517408 Figured i out... it has to do with the zoom of the camera. Apparently developers like FSDreamteam like to optimize their products by having a zoom limit of 0.70 before scenery objects begin disappearing... which IMHO sucks since a 0.70 zoom in the VC is very limiting to what is in your field of view.

If anyone has any work around for this, let me know!
By Joshua Black 988581
#517422 I think I found a solution. In the FSX config, there's an entry called "WideViewAspect." For me it was set to false by default. Upon changing it to "True" it provided me with a nice wide field of view allowing me to zoom in more.

Give it a go!