By Roger Curtiss 810159
#519117 OK, I replaced my CH Pro Pedals with a Thrustmaster TFRP unit. Enabled the device in FSX and made only 3 axis assignments- X to Left Brake Y to Right Brake and Z to Rudder.

Using them with a two engine aircraft the brakes work fine and the rudder axis moves the rudder as it should. However, in addition to rudder movement pushing the right pedal also engages the left engine thrust reverser and pushing left pedal increases thrust on the left engine.

I have triple-checked that there is no assignment for engine controls for this device. The throttles are programmed to a TQ and movement there is effective, however, rudder pedal inputs override the TQ inputs.

I have reached out to Thrustmaster but the response from them has been generic and not applicable to the issue I am experiencing so I am reaching out to the community for ideas. always.
By Luke Kolin 837789
#519121 Looks like the right pedal decreases thrust on engine 1, and the left pedal increases it.

Quadruple check your assignments, then make sure you don't have an FSUIPC mapping to that axis. Something is mapped.