By Josh Glottmann 1275389
#523105 I'm on a university WiFi network and as a result, I have to consistently (every 20-60 seconds) tap my PTT in order to keep the voice port open. If I don't do this, I cannot hear pilots on the frequency when I'm controlling.
I know others have experienced this issue in the past and I'm wondering what the best solution may be. I'm not sure if my university would be able to open ports for me.

Is there any application which may be able to send a small packet every few seconds in order to keep the port open? Any other suggestions on how to resolve this?
By Luke Mullen 1370133
#524096 Hi,

Even in my home network, where I can open ports, I still must push the PTT every couple of minutes.
It was annoying at first, but after over a year of controlling - it's become second nature.

It's a shame I never found a true fix.