By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#528857 My Grandson has an Alienware Area 51 750i Computer that used to be his father's. It came from the factory with Win Vista 64-bit installed and still works perfectly. Unfortunately, many of the sites he frequents in his gaming pursuit have for very understandable reasons stopped supporting play of their applications on Win XP and Win Vista, including STEAM where many of many grandson's games reside.

I have another HDD that I salvaged from a different computer that came installed with the Win 7 64-bit OS. The HDD is fine, it was the internal graphics card on my computer that failed and since it was time for me to get a new system anyway I made no attempt to fix my Win 7 system. I did save the HDD though, although I have no idea why.

Now I am wondering if it is possible to replace my Grandson's Win Vista HDD with my Win 7 HDD and have his Area 51 Boot up under the Win 7 OS so he can continue his game play in STEAM. I'll be honest. I have already tried but the computer would say it had a problem starting windows and wanted me to run Start Repair, but I was reluctant to do that until I asked here.



EDIT: Disregard, out of sheer luck I stumbled on a heck of a Thanksgiving Early Black Friday deal. MS Win 7 Pro 64-bit for $22.00 on Wednesday 11/21/18 only from a company called Microsoft Office Works out of New York. The support staff was very excellent and answered all my questions and helped me through the setup and registration of Win 7 with Microsoft. Grandson couldn't be happier and I get my system back to fly... :o