By Kyprianos Biris 810309
#318022 In posts like this viewtopic.php?f=71&t=37769 we are often told to open/forward ports at specific PC's on the LAN to avoid problems with voice.

I have a DRAYTEK Vigor 2710n modem router where in its settings it has both options for PORT FORWARDING per IP and PORT OPENING per IP.

Which is the one I need to do for the specific PC's IP, open the port or forward it or both :?:

For example I have a second PC for SquawkBox and need to use voice from there when I fly.
When I provide ATC on Euroscope I use the primary PC and hence each time I need to transfer the ports to the other PC.
I just get confused on which is it that we need to do.

By Luca Benelli 810609
#318031 Theoricaly if a router works like it should you shouldn't need to open/forward anything as the NAT system and the firewall SHOULD forward the traffic to the correct port/ip basing on the requests made by your PC. If the router drops the connections after a while you need to open ports (firewall) or to forward the ports (NAT). There may be an easier solution, sometimes a timeout exists of how long firewall and NAT entries should be kept alive, rainsing this could fix most problems.

Your main problem may be using voice software which uses the same ports to connect on different machines.
If you forward the voice port to one PC it won't work on the other so you could need to chenge the router config based on what you are trying to do. :)

In the end: depending on how the router works you may need to open the port, forward the port, both or none :)

By Kyprianos Biris 810309
#318063 Thanks Luca understood.
If any one else knows more details on this router type I'd appreciate some light in regards to opening and forwarding although Luca prety much explained it.

That's what I thought it was about opening and forwarding as well till I saw the configuration of opening being tied to a specific IP.
This is what confused me because OPEN port goes under NAT tree and not Firewall etc.
I too thought that opening means the main modem router, your gateway to the internet, just opens the port in its firewall (but what's with the PC's IP ?)
The rest about forwarding it to an IP is logical and I knew it since long time ago.
Its just that this new modem router confused me !

My Open Port console

My Forward Port console
By Luca Benelli 810609
#318068 A firewall requires the source and destination IP to open a port... it may be a range of IPs or a single address or a simple "all".

Looking at it i'm not sure wht it does exactly... it looks like it may just be an override of the NAT timeouts... maybe somebody else knows better :)