Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Alex Wattay 1139835
#513122 Since the release of the new VATSIM platform a year or so ago - I have noticed that when I fly now my stats do not post to the dashboard ? Am I loggin onto the V-PILOT wrong (i.e. using worng SEL-CAL maybe)? All of my flights are there and I can see my flight profiles just fine but the stats on the "dials" never update ? Any thoughts ? This is what makes it fun to me - tks !
By Kirk Christie 956763
#513182 Vataware is independent to vatsim it is a 3rd party application that relies on data being feed from the stats server. Vatsim has no control over it.

Stats.vatsim.net is your only 100% offical uninterrupted minute by minute vatsim stats.