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By Don Smith 1001023
#518383 From other Forums, I have adhered to the Mouse Drift Problem directions with the following actions:
START -> Control Panel - > Mouse Properties -> Pointer Options - > Hide pointer while typing (Unchecked)
This has cured my Mouse Drift Problem, but I have another more important problem at hand.

SYSTEM: Running 3 monitors, Intel i7 CPU, 930 @ 2.80 GHz, RAM 12.0 GB, 64-bit OS, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, Windows 7 Pro
My flight sim program demands that the mouse come back to the flight at hand even after I try to access another program on another monitor.
This limits me from texting and/or speaking with VATSIM ATC. I can only quickly type three characters at a time of my text for position reports or speaking quickly while live with the area ATC. Speaking to ATC and Checking-In – I barely get three seconds to report after pressing firmly pressing my designated key for the correct communications channel when the P3Dv4 and/or FSX SE are in use. I must come across ‘broken’ to ATC but really the flight sim program draws me back into the flight in progress and out of the comms.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your time!
By Don Smith 1001023
#518689 I still have a major problem with coherent communications with VATSIM ATC and I really need help trying to solve my dilemma.
After talking with some of the guys that I fly with often, they also have come up blank as to the resolution(s) of my problem. They have in their wisdom suggested that the Flight Sim (FSX SE and P3D4.1) program that I am flying at the time demands that the cursor be present and active all of the time in that program.
I have implemented all of the previous suggestions and recommendations offered but I still have this problem(s). I sincerely welcome any of your thoughts and hints.
By Don Smith 1001023
#518901 Do FSX SE and/or P3Dv4.1 have (a) keystroke(s) that demand the cursor at all times while flying? I guess I will continue to avoid any ATC that come alive in my area so that I can continue to fly on VATSIM.
Thanks for any help!
By Don Smith 1001023
#518938 Thank You, Don
"1. Pause on task switch is NOT selected
2. Run your simulator as an administrator
3. Run your client as an administrator"

1. Check
2. Check
3. Investigating

I will update after learning more about running client as an administrator (Unknown).

I was wondering if my keyboard was inadvertently hit with a combination of unintentional keystrokes that would cause my problem(s). Additionally, I was wondering if I reduced the monitors from three to two monitors thereby eliminating components one-by-one until it is hopefully back to normal. I can then talk with any VATSIM ATC without continual interruptions.

Thanks for the help!