Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Christopher Liu 908170
#520917 Quite an ask, the only FS9 turboprop with a decent FMC that springs to me is the Flight1 ATR72-500 but I have no idea if it works on Win10 (you will probably enjoy better FS9 addon compatibility by switching to Win7). Or stick with Win10 and move to FSX/P3D which expands your options to the wonderful Majestic Q400 and PMDG J41.
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#520922 Can't speak for win10, as Arthur already knows, but I second the ATR 72-500. I have it for FS2004 with Win7 and it works perfectly, and, as pointed out, the FMC is updateable through Navigraph. No mention of Win8.1 or Win10 on the Flight 1 site, just that it is for XP and Vista and will probably work with Win7, which it does.

By Arthur Melton 1092578
#520931 Further to my posting I found a disc for EasyFMC which I loaded and set it up on the standard King Air 350 aircraft . This worked very well and followed the course waypoints and the star arrival waypoints and landed using the ILS.Also the King Air 350 is a very good commuter aircraft with a very good Nav panel. Thanks