Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
Tyler Lamb 1422198 wrote:Does anyone have any advice on how best to fly a holding pattern in a default airliner in FSX?

Set heading on MCP to the course into the hold fix & flip Autopilot to Heading mode. Then when you cross the hold fix, flip the heading to 180-degrees opposite (usually clockwise, but counter-clockwise if given a left pattern). Fly for one minute (or 1.5 if over 14000ft, or, a different duration if instructed) then repeat until told to proceed. Once you are cleared further, return the Autopilot to NAV/GPS mode.

More people will respond with a ton of minor technical refinements, no doubt -- but the above will be good enough for beginning purposes.
By Evan Reiter 1314720
#526236 We did a training seminar on holds a few years ago. The material is more about the theory behind the hold (and less about actually flying it). However, if you are familiar with how to tune and fly VOR radials in the aircraft you're using, the actual flying should be fairly straightforward.