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By Karlis Skirmanis 1407866
#527558 As a newcomer to this service, I was surprised by ATC being this aggressive. I was expecting a command to turn off the runway, but this time there was no such instruction from ATC to do so, and I continued rolling. in all previous flights Ive been instructed to turn off. Yes, I understand that it was a mistake from my part, but I think the ATC should not have been so angry about it. <screenshot removed by request of a moderator>
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By Nicholas Cavacini 1084329
#527559 Hi Karlis, this is not appropriate of a controller. Please send all of the information that you have to [email protected] and I would recommend filing feedback with the responsible vACC.

With that being said, there are a few "implied" instructions when flying, vacating the runway being one of them.

However please remove the image as it calls attention to a specific ATC station and can be linked to a person.
By Magnus Meese 997444
#527565 Situational awareness. If paying attention to comms, TCAS and knowledge of the airport and the present status (rush hour, event, group flight, etc) indicates there's people behind you waiting to land, plan to minimize time on runway and get out of dodge ASAP. If you think it's likely that you're not alone, avoid spending too much time, but you don't break to imprint the passenger's faces on the seat in front. If you suspect you can take your sweet time, still do the courtesy of asking to "land long" or "roll to the end", that way everyone is happy.

Safe, orderly and expeditious.

The anger part is not called for in any case, but that's nothing you'll ever get rid off. Bad days, stress reactions, a hundred text pilots on frequency... It could be because of a million different things. If you feel it's too bad and you're unable to turn the other cheek, make a polite notice on it through the relevant vACC/vARTCC's feedback system. Don't shout back or start a PM war, that's not helping either of you.
By Kirk Christie 956763
#527823 Unless approved to roll through, pilots should take the first available exit, on the side of the runway for which they will be getting to the terminal.

For high speed exits, you can use up to 60 Knots.

For 90 Deg turns 10 knots and below.
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#527835 It's not acceptable for a controller to be rude even if you make a mistake. However, taking too long to vacate a runway (with or without an explicit verbal instruction to do so) can certainly cause chaos at least for the arrival behind you, so, it's understandable that they (both the controller and the pilot affected) might be frustrated by it. It doesn't excuse their rudeness but it is certainly something you don't want to make a habit of.
By Markus Vitzethum 815055
#527841 Here is the cockpit perspective (real world) from the crew flying 4 miles behind and has to go around.
(From a Justplanes video, night-time go-around at Miami in a Polar Air Cargo 747-400 due to traffic on the runway).

Note how calm everyone is for the whole length of the video.
Tower: "<callsign>, traffic is on short final, if you can't make this left turn, expedite to the next one"
Tower: "<callsign>, expedite to the next left turn"
Tower: "<callsign>, traffic short final"
Tower: "<callsign>, make this left turn" - Aircraft on runway "okay, we'll make a left turn"
Tower: "Giant55, go around"
Giant55: "Going around"

later during second approach - everyone just taking it easy :)
Giant55: "we 're cleared [to land] for 9, and what kind of airplane was that landed in front of us"
Tower "It was an Airbus - mini Airbus 319"
Giant55: "It must've been mini"
Tower "Unfortunately the speed was mini"