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By otavio bonomi 1188435
#527867 :D Hi everyone,
  I am Otavio Bonomi and I belong to the Brazilian division.
I started doing my projects a few years ago and now it's taking shape.
It is about blogging scenarios with much more.
Addons, textures, screensavers, 3d objects, textures for developers and scenery, all freeware is the idea.
I invite you all to know my blog.
Your opinion and suggestions are welcome.

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By otavio bonomi 1188435
#527868 The first two projects are basically South American and African scenery but other countries are already in the schedule.
Available for FSX, P3D( All Versions) and Xplane.
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By otavio bonomi 1188435
#527899 Curious fact:
All these projects were born in one of our teamspeak Vatsim Brazil conversations,
it's just fair to post it firsthand here in the vatsim forum.
I thank Vatsim very much for providing many good friends and new projects that I never dreamed of doing if none of this happened.
By Alexander Vasiliev 1227370
#528477 Very interesting!
I think with your sceneries a lot of pilots can now discover countries and regions they havent flown to because there werent sceneries. For me as head of VATSIM Air Rally competition, your work is brilliant! Keep doing and thank you!
By otavio bonomi 1188435
#530048 Hi Gabriel,
Sorry for not replying soon, thank you my friend!
The great news is that I've got some partnerships and my scenarios can be found on the sites Flightsim.com and X-plane.org