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By Michael Lynch 903474
Steve Kirks 1252923 wrote:
That said--Mike, didn't you join to have "real" ATC for your simulated flying. If you dread the radio, then why did you join? Serious question, not trolling.

Your right. catch 22 !!! I guess the daunting is also what makes it appealing. I Would't have it any other way Steve :)
By Tim Wong 1179662
#484334 Wow, you dig out a 4 years old thread where the last posting was made 6 months ago. :D
I am sure that Johan have learnt how to fly so far.
By ajay khan 1329879
#488710 hi Keith Smith 879675, nice to meet you , i have read your post that is amazing and written in a good manner and it is also informative for me and i am looking for this ind of information . so thanks for sharing your good advice about training. anybody can get help from your wise description
By Akshat Jain 1255137
#489840 Hi Guys,
If you are new to VATSIM and for Virtual Aviation for that matter, let me recommend to you VATSTAR, an authorized training organization, that helps you get your P1, P2 ratings and help you get into the virtual skies. We train with the Baron 58, along with training you in online VATSIM procedures, you get to know the plane as well.

Go over to www.vatstar.com
By Jerry Olson 1398009
#515995 I would like some training. I can get a 737 in the air and fly IFR to KLAX, KSAN, KLAS and land IFR. My goal is to get the rating to fly for a virtual airline.

So how do I get an instructor. I was on a site that had a list of instructors. It required a login but didn't have a registration or signup.
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
Jerry Olson 1398009 wrote:So how do I get an instructor. I was on a site that had a list of instructors. It required a login but didn't have a registration or signup.

It depends. Which site were you on?

Your best bet is to contact someone from that site, whichever one it was!
By Sergen Celik 1403513
#517364 Hello my name is Sergen Celik

Little bit of a back story i love gaming and i play simulators a lot but i am kinda new to FSX and i would like it if somebody can train/help me understanding the basics so i dont mess it up .

Ty for reading/Taking your time :D
By Don Desfosse 1035677
#528547 Suggest you look into a VATSIM Authorized Training Organization https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/training

What kind of FMC? Have you read the manual?

Have you searched on Google? There are literally hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of pages out there that may help you.
By marcus holmes 815851
KAUSTUBH VARTAK 1439374 wrote:
Ethan Begrowicz 1163133 wrote:I need a lot of training as I am still new to vatsim . I want b738 fmc training

Have a look on Youtube, there are countless tutorial videos on there that can help you with learning the 737 fmc. Here is a link to one, there are many on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqy9jBiD800