Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Joaquin Blanco 860975
#529915 I bought Stargazer and Blue Marble from Creative Design Studios and having watched a few videos was impressed by the Black Marble complete package. With this in mind went to their forum to try and find out if there would be any clashes with Orbx and subsequently found a link that appeared to be related to what I wanted to now, but alas, access was denied even though I was logged in the forum, then posted in the Forum asking why this was happening and Chris Bell replied that I could only have access to that post after buying the product and support, he never gave me any information. He probably thought I was some sort of pirate trying to steal his product, but seeing the whole package is near $200 I need to know if there will be a need to disable items in Orbx that could somehow affect the overall Orbx Package, (FTX, Vectors, Landclasses, All North America regions, Australia, NZ and many, many airports.).

Would be grateful if anyone with these two separate packages installed has experienced any issues. No need to give me any secret information.

Thanks and regards