Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Tony Vienonen 1136602
#534207 On a flight into KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor, I was flying in on the COYOT4 STAR. ABQ CTR comes on and after we exchange our hellos, he instructs me to continue following the STAR and cleared via the transition to the ILS 26. According to the STAR chart, it states, "After BRUSR expect RADAR vectors to final approach course."

Now my question is, am I supposed to wait for instruction after passing BRUSR to turn towards the transition for ILS 26 or was I supposed to make that move on my own having been cleared?

What I ended up doing was not changing my heading (until I was told otherwise) and proceeded to the end of the STAR and ABQ CTR had to get me down from altitude, 13,000 (the last altitude shown on the chart), and vector me in for a visual.
By Ryan Geckler 1104849
#534213 Sounds like a controller error. There is no runway 26 transition off the arrival so you were correct by not turning. You should, however, ask the controller for a vector if you haven't received one by BRUSR.