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By Jan Naslund 812053
#535031 Hi,

3 days ago we had some bad weather where i live and the internet was knocked out for the day. Luckily enough i could use my mobile as a hotspot so we could reach the internet and i could logon to Vatsim. I use xplane11, Active Sky XP and Xsquawkbox.

This meant that i was using another IP address than i normally use.

After a few hours, the internet was restored so i logged out from Vatsim and then logged in again. Now when i started xplane i see a messagee about something that the IP address not found on this NIC os something to that effect. Can't check now as i am in the middle of a flight.

Active Sky also complains about the IP address (Have to add exact message latesr.

This is not such a bit problem but i can't get any METAR's on Vatsim anymore. What ever i try. Whichever server, whichever command (.wx or .metar) i try i just get "No weather for ICAO" where ICAO is the ICAO denominator of the airport.

Has anyone had a similar experience and can suggest what i can try to get this fixed?

Best Regards / Jan
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#535059 I am gonna risk my cards with saying that you're connected to the Germany server. Connect to another one, this one is having issues with the METARs.
By Jan Naslund 812053
#535062 Hi,

Yes! Was using the Germany server. When the problems started a few days ago I switched to the UK server but had the same problem there too. Tried now again with the UK server and now it works.

Thanks for the help. Excellent! :)