Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Stefan Hoks 1241995
#536367 Hey! I have a wild idea to start a new VA just for pilots flying private jets, because when I started flying PJ I wasn't able of finding a VA that would give me flights/charter missions. Before I continu thinking about how I would design the VA: Are there any VA for PJ out there? And if you are a pilot flying PJ (all of the time, or just from time to time), would you join a VA specifically made for private/business jets?

Thanks in advance! Ciao!
By Gary Townsend 1457231
#536393 probably wouldn't join something like that as my existing VA allows you to fly whatever you want. if the air craft isn't matched exactly to their list you can alias the craft and fly what you want. i Have a hard time believing this is unique although i know some VAs are very strict about this sort of thing.
By Josh Jenk 1383451
#536401 Hey Stefan,
I’m the CEO of a smallish humanitarian themed virtual airline that uses the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service’s flight model as a base for almost all our operations. As such we primarily charter aircraft for all our events (which is the main portion of our flying). The types of aircraft vary from event to event but we generally have at least a small lineup of business/private jets if that’s what you’re into. We don’t usually force our members to use one specific type of aircraft. However, we do make our pilots reserve an aircraft and fly a similar type to the type they reserved (for example the pilot may reserve a CRJ2 but we allow them to fly any aircraft from the CRJ family or any aircraft from the E-jet family. We think this is a pretty good balance between being assigned to a specific aircraft and being allowed to fly whatever you like. We also don’t implement aircraft type restrictions in ranks like many airlines and so as long as an aircraft is available at your location you can fly it. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to check us out at http://ihasva.wix.com/temporary (or by clicking the banner in my signature).

By Trevor Hannant 1240481
#536423 Once Private Jet charter company came to mind, Google searched for a VA related to them and found it right away so there are VAs out there providing this.

There are others who provide a variety of aircraft and allow "charter" flights within their systems (I'm in one that does this) so if you search, you'll find some out there.
By Stefan Hoks 1241995
#536449 Thanks a lot for answering my questions and coming up with the suggestions! The JetNet-model (particial ownership) appeals me most, but I'm keeping my eyes and ears on other (virtual) private charter airlines. If anyone has some more tips/tricks, please post it below!

Ciao! Stefan
By Tristan Garratt 1412849
Andreas Fuchs 810809 wrote:It's actually called "Fractional Ownership". These virtual Netjets outfits did not last long, no idea why.

I think it is because, until quite recently majority of the private jets for XP11, P3D etc. were not the best quality.
I know for sure that lots of my PJ addons are low quality...