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By Doug W. Lane 813217
#20707 As I continue to evaluate the PMDG 737....the saga continues.....I finally printed out the "Normal Procedures" manual,ie Checklist, got to page 5-8, Electrical System, .....both gen switches "ON".....mine won't do anything but clik on or off and return to the center position....precluding me from starting and subsequently flying.....

Brings back memories of sitting in the driveway at 16.....in my dad's car.....and he won't give me the keys to the car!!!!.....

what am I doing wrong? Hurry...this driveway is getting boring.....

By Martin Tait 908838
#20709 Are you flying in the 2D cockpit mode? maby try the virtual (just to se if it works) we were discusing something like that in another topic about a dome light i think it was, turned out it only worked in VC mode. although you would think they this perticular button would/should work in 2D.

Anyway, have a go and let us know :wink:
Good Luck,
By Lennart Vedin 910701
#20712 There are some differece with 2D and VC, but not according the GEN switches and mainly not according startup and fly the machine.

I see the page 5-8.
After Start
BOTH GENERATOR switches ... ON

The switch should go back to center position. The only that should happend is the blue "GEN OFF BUS" lights should go off.

This should be done after started engines. Acctually you should even be able to fly the aircraft without gen switches on, (until the battery is empty :lol: )
By Mohammed Fadlallah 914808
#28154 hi

Mr Doug said that we should buy the PMDG 737 Next Gen before we buy the PMDG 737-800/900!!

I just purchased the PMDG 737-800/900 software.

Shall i exchange it with the PMDG 737 Next Gen?....kinda confused really.

I wouldnt mind to keep the PMDG 737-800/900 software provided the FMC manual is self explanatory with the other panel manual.

need some advice please

By Jim Karn 850752
#28160 Mohammed,

A requirement of the 800/900 is to have the 737NG installed prior to the 800/900 installation. I don't think it will even install unless you have the NG, though I've never tried.

On the plus side, PMDG will be donating 100% of its proceeds from any purchase of a PMDG product this Labor Day weekend to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina disaster relieve. A very generous offer from the developer during this extremely difficult time for our friends and family in the Gulf Coast area.
By Mohammed Fadlallah 914808
#28161 hi Jim,


The seller did not tell me I should buy the 737NG first.

I have lost my money then.

I will try to take it back for exchange if they will accept

By Mohammed Fadlallah 914808
#28172 hi Jim,

I forgot to provide you with some information again.

The PMDG 737-800/900 I purchased is a closed box CD version produced in germany by Aerosoft Gmbh.
It is not a download from PRECISIONMAUALS.com

on the cd it is written published by Aerosoft Gmbh

I hope this information helps whether i do need the 737NG to be installed first

please advise


PS: I could have tried it on my PC. Unfortunatley it is not within reach I am on hoildays
By Jim Karn 850752
#28177 WOW, you're in luck. I've heard the boxed version is stand-alone and will work as advertised. Sorry, I didn't realize you had not downloaded the product. Enjoy.
By Mohammed Fadlallah 914808
#28187 hi Jim,

Thank you for your reply. I am really grateful

I got the same answer as yours from www.aerosoft.com Forum. They said it will work without installing the PMDG 737NG.

The boxed version cost me £29.99. How much does the download cost then?

It has to be PMDG 737NG(Downloaded version) + PMDG 737-800/900(Downloaded version) for the PMDG 737-800/900 to work!

Which is better do you think Jim? and what are the differences? which one works better?

By Jim Karn 850752
#28188 Hi Mohammed,

I'm glad that got sorted out :D

Regarding which is best, I only have the downloaded version of both the NG and the 800/900 which cost about $63 USD when I got them (there was a special sale going on during the initial release of the 800/900). I have no experience with the stand-alone versions, but I would suspect that you'll not be missing a whole lot as the 800/900 was an upgrade to the original product. As I recall it addressed a few issues that had cropped up and updated the cockpit graphics among other things. You won't get the 600/700 models, though I wouldn't consider that a drawback.

Install the package you have and enjoy it. Download some repaints from PMDG, AVSIM or any of the usual flightsim sites and I'm sure you'll be happy with it. If any issues arise, there's always someone on the PMDG support forum who can lend a hand in resolving them.
By Brian Schott 939274
#28195 Do not run FSINN with PMDG's 737s. There are many known issues with these programs being used together. (not being able to start is one..the other being a serious memory leak that will crash FS and windows after a while).

Stick with SB when using these (and the LDS 767) online.
By Bob Cardone 909093
#28199 If you want something a bit less complex that the PMDG 737 ( Which I own and have flown extensively), try the Flight 1 ATR-72. It is great for the shorter flights of 150-300 miles that I prefer, and I fly it just about %95 of the time on Vatsim, with the UPS Livery.
By Mohammed Fadlallah 914808
#28227 Thanks for your postings gentlemen,

I already have FSINN software, its really easy to use on FS2004. but I never use it with PMDG 737.

Its a petty FSINN doesnt work well with PMDG 737. I guess I have to download SB software.

Now that I have got the short haul aircraft I am planning to buy Long haul add on aircraft.

Anybody knows a good payware add on Long haul aircraft ( apart from LDS 767) please

Thanks gentlemen for your continued assistance and advice

By Bob Cardone 909093
Chad Black 858402 wrote:The wipers do work...but only when in the Virtual Cockpit and also when viewing from the external view.

I'd bet a shiny penny that your opinion of this product will change drastically once you realize its full potential. Show me where to find a FREEware panel that looks this good, has a fully functional FMC, and a complete-fully functional overhead, and I'll kiss the ground you walk on.

Congratulations on your new purchase! The PMDG is truely a marvel when it comes to realism.

Let me know if you run into any problems or questions...Id be happy to assist you.

If you have the 800-900 version there is a update on the PMDG web site to make the wipers and VC enhancements on the 600-700 to work as they do in the 800-900/