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By Lennart Vedin 910701
#279121 I thinking of buy Active Sky for the as I have understand visual texture and realistic surface and aloft weather.

Using XP, FS9, WideFS, SB3.

Even but I read, I can not get the hole idea about there products (I prefer put one question for VATSIM users, rather only ask there forum).

What product(s) should I get: Active Sky 6.5, Active Sky X, Active Sky Advanced, X Graphics, X Pax ?

I'm interested to fly VATSIM with some good visual and realistic weather. User selectable weather or advanced weather-maps not required.

Secondary question:
Can I put only ActiveSky-textures in FS-computer. And ActiveSky internet connection, generators and settings in the other computer ?
By Ernesto Alvarez 818262
#279137 Activesky 6.5 is for FS9.

Activesky X is for FSX

XPAX has nothing to do with weather, its like fspassengers.

Xgraphics is additional textures for Activesky X

i dont fly without Activesky. best money i ever spent!

as for using it on a secondary computer, not sure. ive asked before but didnt get an answer. i think you would have to install activesky on both computers so flightsim gets the textures. then just run activesky on the second PC with WideFS
By Trent Hopkinson 812681
#279155 Active Sky Advanced is the newest version and works in FS9 and FSX with the same program.

Get that.

Everything else isn't that required unless you want to mod the graphics etc. (or the Xpax which is the FSpassengers thing)

With Active Sky Advanced you get all the benifits of ASX in FS9 too, plus a few other tweaks that makes the weather a little bit more stable where high velocity wind changes exist (ie near jetstreams)

a nice smooth ramping up of a 120 knot jetstream tailwind during cruise is better than the sudden jerky movements that used to happen. Although I'd still recommend FSUIPC wind smoothing in the payware version...

Finally start looking up SIGWX and Region Wind/Temp charts as well and checking out what the weather will be doing in certain areas. You will find that Activesky is pretty close most of the time to those.

Here is today's weather from 0600z in the Pacific ocean. New Zealand is in the bottom left corner, and California/Mexico/USA is in the top right.

(Remember this is a forecast, not a true "Actually happening" representation. there is variability between this chart, and reality... and Activesky has a similar variability in some senses, but is usually pretty close to within about 45 degrees of wind direction and knots of speed.

By Erhan Atesoglu 1050499
#279168 Trent: nice find... a picture says a thousand words. But generally weather reporting only gives you a snapshot of what's going on, within an airspace. Active sky effectively fills in the missing data using smaller grids than 20 miles.
By Erhan Atesoglu 1050499
#279187 Lennert: Basically ASA is a complete package on it's own. You aren't required to have the Xgraphics at all to fully enjoy the product. The reason you would want Xgraphics is solely to improve certain default models like runway lighting, and improve the image quality of textures used for environment depiction. Also you can use texture sets from Ground Environment Pro to have far more variability than just "snow in the winter". GEPro is so far the only package not made by HIFI Sim that is compatible with ASA. These add-ons are useful in VATSIM because they can be automatically installed before run-time.

There are other packages you can use on top of that like REX, but they aren't integrated into ASA directly. That means you're free to install additional textures using the REX interface. And ASA will capture the file details but it has no direct knowledge of the actual contents. If you really like screen captures this is a work around, not really an alternative to direct integration.
By Lennart Vedin 910701
#279385 Ok thanks for answers, i'll get the ASA.

I got to know from HIFI Sim, that the Active Sky does not add any textures to FS for the weather, it is just a weather generator using present FS-textures.
So a single installation in the WideFS computer will make full function of ASA.
By Lennart Vedin 910701
#279445 Thats mutch strange. If AS 6.5 does why should not ASA as JSkorna/HIFI answerd.

Lennart Vedin:
I aim to buy Active Sky Advanced.

Im using dual computers XP, FS9, WideFS, Squawkbox3. All current setup works fine.

Can I put basically only ActiveSky-textures in the FS-computer. And the ActiveSky internet connection, weather-generators and user-settings in the other computer ?

Thanks , and best regards Lennart Vedin


Thanks for your interest.

ASA contains no textures at all, just the weather engine. Also, ASA gets installed to one machine and you cannot break things up.

Remember that you can install ASA on one machine only for Online weather. Another install can be made, but you must run in Offline Mode.

You can install and have ASA work with WideFS and SimConnect.


Jim. Support Manager
By Michael Mair 853430
#280494 You can install and have ASA work with WideFS and SimConnect.


Jim. Support Manager[/quote]

High Jim exactly here starts my problem. ASA is asking for two types of subdirs: 1) FSX and 2) users\documents\...\ Flight Simulator X Files.

I connected the two PC, can access from one PC to the other, but ASA and XGraphics do not accept the network subdirs.

Please help!

Thank you very much!

I do use the very newest versions from all SW.

Best regards from Vienna!

Michael Mair

By Lennart Vedin 910701
#280508 Michael Mair !

In the FS computer, did you in Windows select to share the two types of subdirs, or just share all the C: ?