Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Gary Claridge-King 1116826
#424999 Many of us will own payware aircraft that has an intergrated FMC which is great as there is no switching between screens, But in saying that, there are some great freeware and payware aircraft out there that don't have a functioning FMC, so something like VasFMC is very useful.

I have done a few flights in the past with VasFMC, but started to use it again to fly the Area 51 C-17. I know there are two versions of VasFMC, I have tried to download V2 and the Airbus A380, but never managed to understand how to install the guages in the correct place.

I have yet to fly longhaul with it and wondered if anyone is a regular user of eith V1 or V2 (Intergrated)

By Marc Wheeler 919420
#425014 As another option, there are ISG Gauges which are payware that you can add to any aircraft. http://www.isgsim.com/

The only drop back is that you have to configure each aircraft to use the gauges including the FMC, but once done, works very well.
By Charan Kumar 1078107
#425048 Gary, you must certainly look into ISG1, version 1.8 which came out last week added a C17 style PFD!! Marc was right about having to plug them gauges in manually, but the site offers retrofits done by other users too, so it might already have it.
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#425281 I use vasFMC2.1 in both standalone for all aircraft except airbusses...or is it airbii :) ...and the gauge version in all my project airbus aircraft. Both work very well for me in FS9.

There is a bug in 2.1 with the INIT B page of the FGMC but the folks at Virtual Air Suite are working on a fix. That said, if you can get past the fuel prediction entry and number two engine start it works flawlessly from that point on for me.

Flew KFLL to KDTW with it yesterday in a PA320 and even programmed in a hold over CASIO on the WEEDA1 Arrival. No problems whatsoever.
By Alan Kapakai 1166173
#425340 I have been able to integrate vas gauges into most of my default aircraft and some of the non virtual cockpits on project opensky. The thing I don't like about vas is that you have to use all of the gauges together. You can't just use the FMC component or the PFD component. They have to all be used together. I like the look and feel of the stock 737 PFD in fsx but I can't use it in conjunction with the vas FMC unit. I don't know if the other products are similar in that inability but it detracts from the realism that I'd like to have in my simulations.
By Stephen Plumb 1108305
#425411 The previous version was amazing...2.1 locks up frequently at the gate before I even get to the fuel page. Sad, because it really is a remarkable freeware product. In conjunction with my PA A318, it is an outstanding sim experience when it works.
By Gary Claridge-King 1116826
#425720 Well I have to say, I've not used vasFMC since getting the ISG package. I have updated my POSKY 777, but don't like it. I have also updated my CLS DC-10, CLS A300-600R, Area51 C-17 and Eaglesoft CJ1.

Can't stop flying the DC-10, The repaint of the Arrow Cargo is nice, the callsign is pretty good too 'BIG A'

So a big thanks to all for pointing me to this product