Pilot Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#539938 Yep.

"B5 - Pilots flying through uncontrolled airspace shall monitor VHF radio frequency 122.800 or other designated "UNICOM" frequency until they come under air traffic control coverage. Where another pilot may benefit, a pilot shall transmit their intentions on the designated unicom frequency."

By Mike Lehkamp 1396931
Andreas Fuchs 810809 wrote:Two reasons for "voice kind-of-only":

1) with AFV there is no more excuse for "voice-refusers". Even while some (new?) pilots do not feel comfortable talking on voice yet, they can certainly be asked to listen on UNICOM and other frequencies.

2) deaf pilots, who nobody wants to exclude, have other clues of determining whether there are other pilots around UNICOM airspace (TCAS in their cockpits, swift has a real-time traffic-radar similar to FsInn, there are nice programs such as LittleNavMap that show you the position of other online traffic etc.) and then announce their intentions/position updates via text so voice-pilots can still pick up the presence of text-only pilots.

Great explanation and I so happy you all chose to go this route!!! This way those that can not hear can still benefit as we benefit as well from their presence. Thank you.