By Terrence Scanlan 810628
#327117 Q. I have discovered a new commercial release of FS9 and FSX scenery for XXXX and want to let the VATSIM membership know about it; am I permitted to make a forum post about it?
A. YES; you are simply advising VATSIM membership about your discovery so you may post a comment and a link to that product.

Q. I want to advertise VATSIM membership of my new scenery which I have for sale and want to post the details and where they can buy it on the VATSIM forums; is this permitted?
A. NO; this is NOT permitted since you are advertising a commercial product for sale and in violation of CoR 1.01(B)

Q. Can I add a PMDG747 or other such banner to my signature since I like this aircraft and fly it all the time?
A. YES; this does not violate CoR 1.01(B) since you are not promoting it for sale.