By David Klain 874106
#285798 Q. Why can't I operate a pushback tug on the network?

A. The VATSIM network exists to simulate air traffic control and flight operations. Our bandwidth is donated by people and organizations who support that effort. The Founders have determined that operating non-aircraft vehicles on the network is outside the purpose of the network and therefore a misuse of the donated bandwidth. As such, non-aircraft vehicles are not allowed on the network.

Q. Why can't I operate a "follow-me" truck/fuel truck/boat/train on the network? Software for all of these is available to use them in flight simulation programs?

A. These vehicles are not aircraft and, as in the case of the pushback tug above, do not meet the intent of this network. As such, they not allowed on the network.

Q. Why can't I operate the Space Shuttle on the network? It is an aircraft...

A. While the space shuttle is an aircraft, when operating in the atmosphere it is an unpowered glider that does not talk to air traffic control or interface with other air traffic. As such, there is no benefit to the network from a space shuttle simulation and it is deemed a misuse of bandwidth and not authorized.

Q. I was flying "Air Force One" on the network but the controller refused to give me priority. It gets it in the real world, why not here?

A. Many people are interested in simulating flying under this famous callsign. Given the fact that all people connected to the network are members with the same standing, it is inappropriate to give priority to one person just because he/she has chosen to login with a specific callsign. You are welcome to fly as "Air Force One" but will be given no special priority or treatment over other member's use of the airspace and network.

For further questions on this issue, please email the Vice President, Operations - VATGOV2.