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By Noa Nikolic 1326386
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Dear pilots,

CrovACC would like to invite you to the CPT for one of our S3 controllers aiming to become C1. Mario Kopljar will have his Controller Practical Test on Wednesday, 8th of February 2017 from 19:30 UTC untill 22:00 UTC. The position he will be covering is LDZO_CTR (Zagreb Radar). Come and give our student traffic needed to show to the examiners what is he capable of.

CrovACC Team

CHARTS and all other information for Croatia and Ex-Yu countries:
By Miguel Frias 1107190
#510791 This could/should have been advertised as well at:

This is the VEFG group (Vatsim Exam Flight Group) which lets pilots who love to fly in CPTs know about upcoming CPT. Consider it for next time!