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By pavlin stanchev 1361882
#521340 Hello, VATSIM network. I am happy that I can become a part of you.
But I got some questions about connecting my account and starting ATC training.
I have a small amount of experience as ATC on several airports in FlightGear Flight Simulator. But I want to learn and perform ATC sessions in a realistic way. So:
1. How can I connect my account to division?
2. What Software should I need?
3. I noticed that VATEUD is down. I can't go to the website currently.
4. Do I need a separate account if I previously assigned as a pilot? I lost interest becoming a pilot, due to the fact that FG is can't connect this network.
5. Do I need full AIRAC procedures download from navigraph for delivery service and app?

I'll be grateful for any responses, thank you in advance.
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#521345 Hello Pavlin,

1) Your account can be assigned to VATEUD through membership on

2) You will probably have to use Euroscope. VRC is also an option, but probably not used anywhere inside VATEUD anymore.

3) The website is down yes, we are working on that, but we have to redesign the whole website, before it can go online again.

4) No, you can and shall use the account you already have. You can’t have more than 1 account on VATSIM.

5) Euroscope can import data from Navigraph, but it is not necessary. You will be fine without.
By Morten Jelle 1012739
When you can reach this page, it tells you how to check if you are assigned to correct division. Then you contact your local vACC to get started.