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By Arno Taremäe 924083
#522223 Hi,

Could anyone in the know tell me if the Kosovo Politically Sensitive Area procedure is still in force? The current VATEUD website isn't particularly informative in this regard. The latest posts I could find in the forums are from 2010, thought I'd check.

Thanks in advance.
By Morten Jelle 1012739
#522242 Hello Arno,

I can't find anything related to that topic since 2010 - but one thing of course it to be remembered: Politics shall not affect our hobby.
I have only now been aware of the topic, but since I haven't seen it be any problem for the past 7 years, I doubt it is still being forced. I do also believe that, should there be any problems - they can be solved.

I don't know why you are asking, so giving you an answer is for me quite difficult, maybe you can point me in the right direction? :) I haven't heard about any problems in that area, so I doubt there is something of it.
By Arno Taremäe 924083
#522245 Hi Morten

Thanks for your reply. The reason for the question is simple - I'm planning a flight to Pristina. The previous time I did that was, I guess in 2009 when I unwittingly made the mistake of flying through Serbian airspace on my way out of Kosovo.

The supervisor who notified me of my mistake was very understanding, but I made a mental note about not infringing that procedure again. I have done relatively little flying in that region since then and just thought I'd check whether the limitations were still in place or not.

I guess I could just plan my route around Serbia, not through it, just to be on the safe side.

Thanks again.

Safe landings
By Alex Beavil 1302142
#522363 Relations between the two countries have changed quite a bit since 2009; although the official routes still mostly head south out of the area via Macedonia, it is now becoming increasingly common for aircraft in reality to be given directs to shorten that, and in some cases transfer direct from Serbia/Montenegro to Kosovo ATC. The airspace is now also run under a combined VACC, Adria, and as such you'll find often controllers covering the area top-down or directly, and they are more than happy to give directs, or leave your route as-is dependent on how you want to fly it