VATEUD (Europe Division). Region (VATEUR) announcements will also be posted here
By Florian Harms 841181
#522201 Fellow friends,
VATEUD.NET is online again (since a few days). Few things will be tweaked the next weeks, but the basic stuff is available again.
The major reason why we had to take down the old site within hours has been discussed in other areas. But just to give you a hint: NEVER use pictures on a website you aren't sure about the publishing rights - I knew that problem was coming up with the old site, but I wasn't able to remove that old stuff and parallel building up a new site (and even I have a life to live) 8)

I would like to thank especially Morten and Nestor for helping with the content the last days. Again, the site is on its bases alive, but you can expect lots of more stuff to come on that platform.

Thanks for your patience