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By Tony Causer 877445
#522485 I wonder if anyone knows which stands you use if you have heavy cargo (747F) at Zurich LSZH?

There is a Cargo Centre at the airport but I see only small stands by there. You must be able to park heavies there somewhere for unloading cargo.

I have the latest Aerosoft scenery and charts.

Many thanks for any help.
By Tony Causer 877445
#522543 Hi Magnus

Thank you so much for the reply.

I actually got some more information.

I am the Operations Director at the Airwego Group VA and one of our pilots in our Cargo division (AirweCargo) went online and spoke to a live controller at Zurich.

Apparently when cargo heavies use Zurich they use the parking marked C, T or D in the area shown as "Maintenance" on the charts. I understand C is favoured!

So there you have it!

Thanks again for the interest.

Tony Causer