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By Christopher Bennett 977457
#521695 Hello everyone,

due to technical difficulties, the Forum and Website of VATSIM Germany is not reachable at the moment. We are aware of the situation and will inform you as soon as the services are functioning again.
By Maximilan Friedrich 1444745
#530084 Hi there!
Recently I tried to sign up to VATSIM Germany. But I don’t get an email to complete the registration. Also I tried the reach the support via two different email addresses but also the delivery of both emails is not possible, because the Adressen are not reachable.
Is it a problem of me or general problem?
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#530087 Hi Maximimilian,

we are currently migrating our mail-server and other parts of our infra-structure to another machine. You will receive your e-mail by confirmation as soon as they are back up and running.

The current status of our mail-server is "in the news" at and I expect our staff to post an update there once everything has been restored.