VATEUD (Europe Division). Region (VATEUR) announcements will also be posted here
By Apostolos Damkalis 963239
#536191 Dear fellow members,

It has been more than 6 years from the position of Region Director, Europe and close to 9 in total that I have been serving VATSIM Europe’s Region. With sadness, I have to announce that this journey comes to an end, effective immediately, I am resigning from Europe’s Lead. It has been a great honor and sense of duty to have collaborated and worked together with every one of you all. Notably, I would like to thank everyone in VATSIM Europe’s Staff, as well as in our three divisions, for the dedication and passion you put into the network.

I will continue to have a strong presence in the future as well. See you all, online.
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#536194 Wow, what's going on!?!?

Thanks Apo for your time and dedication. See you online as a normal member then!
By Krystian Zawadzki 1416554
#536201 This is becoming much bigger of a surprise than anyone could've imagined.
Thank you a lot for everything you've done for the VATSIM network, and I guess the only thing left to say is - good luck, and I hope we'll hear you on VATSIM anytime soon!
By Alan Cooke 1194659
#536212 Apos thank you for your service to the Europe Region and also your commitment to the EC.
I wish you well for the future. Please don’t be a stranger.
Nestor Perez 1369273 wrote:Indeed Andreas! WTH is going on!?

Thanks for all your work the past years Apos :)

Hi guys just to put your mind at ease there is nothing going on. These resignations are nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence. They are in no way linked.