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By Sascha Steingrobe 880415
#448576 Hello,

until there is a complete new section available, I will rewrite a complete new topic with all the steps, requirements, pics of the GUI as well as of far we are.

So give me some little time to write it down and put it back into a topic. :)


By Sascha Steingrobe 880415

Dear community,

as the forum had a blackout and the old post about this topic are not recovered yet, I am writing now a bigger summary.

We started in April/Mai this year with the development of the VATSIM pilot client project as a group of 15 - 20 developer, supporter, tech. and management group.

As we got a requirement list from the BoG and community, we expanded this list to actual features and added some points which had been missing from our point of view.

After recruiting a group of really great developer and supporter, we started with a basic code already had been written by our technical manager Roland Winklmeier.

The VACC Germany was and is a great effort as they supported us with a complete TS3 server for your meetings and discussions, a developement webpage with all necessary tools, repository and much more. Many thanks to the VACC GER and their staff until now for their great support.

Essential Features of the Clients could be found here in the requirement list:
https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx?res ... C7WD0N7OVs

As we are creating in a subproject a complete VATSIM owned CPDLC / ACARS service system with could be integrated into the actual ATC clients as well, we are upgrating the service to the actual system features in real life. More information about CPDLC will upcoming later in this post.

After these months we made a really good progress with a great support of Kyle Ramsey and Steven Cullins as the representatives and presidents of the BoG. So far we completed V0.1 and 0.2 and got more then 50 % of V0.3
Essential features will be in V0.4 and then we come to more detailed parts of the client structure up from V0.4.

In the meantime we are polling out the name of the client, dealing with 3rd party software developer to get the connected to the client and give them via our plugin and DBus system options to connect their software directly to the client, spoken for systems like CPDLC, ATSAW and much more.

As we are an Open Source Client, we are currently developing in closed source while we wanna know how and who is connected to the group and the project. So far this decision was very effective and positive for the project, as it keeps the people who are working hard and let people stay away from the project who will be less effective and wants just look into the code to make comments.

For further development the client code will be uploaded to the open source databases without the NDA part which is restricted to VATSIM. More information about that, the SDK and Wiki as well as documentation will be upcoming later on.

Release date? :) Maybe you can ask any oracle in the world, they will not know as we wont. We gave us internal not a really deadline but an expected timeframe until we wanna release but I will not give you any information about that until we know we can meet our expectations. Sorry. :)

GUI Design:
You may have seen posts of the GUI before we got the blackout which have been demonstrated a potential design type of the client.

As here and in the VACC GER the poll for the preferred GUI type has been made for the "Airbus" GUI type, we will develop this one first and later one we decide about a second GUI type. If there is anyone interested and professional in GUI development with QT etc. he will be very welcome to give us some more ressources in the development of a second GUI type until we will release.

Lets not talk anymore - here is the winner of the vote with some example shots:

Main Panel:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Options Menu:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Options Sound Panel:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

CPDLC/MCDU request:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

CPDLC/DCDU ATC advisory:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Thats enough for now:)
You will see the style and some panels who will be available. For sure, thats not all and there will be much more.

Mapping Database:
Another feature will be the mapping database which comes as well with a AI airplane repository.
The mapping database will be a webserver which will do a verification process against the user who are uploading informations.
This service will provide the mappings for all the aircrafts used with the pilot client. As you can enter the mapping (if its not already in the web-database) directly via the client, it is as well a website available where you directly enter your mappings for your AI or aircraft models.
All pilot client user worldwide will directly have a new mapping for this particular aircraft you have mapped for the community. So it is not necessary to make a whole scan everytime you install a new aircraft on your HDD.

Model Repository:
The repository is another benefit as we got loads of models licensed by freeware developer and livery painter to use them in the VATSIM repository. This will be connected as well to the pilot client and it would be updated all the time. The repository will be filled with high quality AI aircraft and the most common models as well as liveries. As well there is a webaccess where you will be able to upload your AI models and liveries as you would like to support the community. Especial for Virtual Airlines it is an effort to paint the used AI models and upload their liveries, so they would be recognized by the community while they are flying on the network. The repository will be updated all the time and missing models/liveries would be dowloaded asap to your HDD to be present in the network.

More features are as well the great freeware realwx tool by Sivlio Lafere - many thanks Sivlio! and loads of other features not listed yet here.

Job Applications:
So stay tune and wathc the progress.
As there are maybe someone out there who would like to support us with their knowledge, here you go:
- C++ QT 5.1 skills are very welcome, or...
- GUI QT development skills, or...
- someone who makes a database out of the models and liveries we already got, to search for more... .

Thats all I could present until now.
If there is someone from Fruit Stand or AIARDVARK here around...guys - I try to reach you over 2 month now via Email to get a go or no-go for your brilliant AI models - but I got nothing back. So please check your boxes and give me any kind of answer :).

Many thanks to your patience and you very helpfull greetings we got the last time!

The pilot client development team,
Sascha Steingrobe
Project Manager
By Sascha Steingrobe 880415
Johan Grauers 1113891 wrote:Very nice to hear an update, thanks a lot!

I would join in but my C++ skills are scaringly bad so I think I'll spare you the terror of working with me!

No worries Johan. I will not say you terrorize us ;) but as I know the group, they are working on a very high skill level and with a deep knowledge of the code. So I appreciate your offer! :)
By Stuart McIntyre 932425
#449653 looks just fantastic, its everything I've been looking for in a vatsim pilot client!! i cant wait to see the CPDLC features as well as how well the new aircraft repository works! no more SB crashes and FSINN assigning aircraft!!
By Randy Tyndall 1087023
#449656 Sascha and Team,

This looks fantastic! To me, as a layman flightsimmer with little to no computer skills beyond the power button, it also looks a bit complicated.

I see where comm/connection tests seem to have been with actual flights on VATSIM, but I suspect if that is the case that they were done by pilots within the team who fully understand what they are seeing.

Have any "lay" pilots been tasked with installing the client and using the client? Not really a Beta test so much as just a test of how "simple" the client will be to use for those of us "challenged" pilots.

Is someone working on an install/user manual for us to download when the time comes for implementation?