By Marcelo Duran 1176670
#466520 I'm using SB4 on a networked configuration... no problems.
Installed vPilot today flawlessly... no issues with installation or connection, indeed.
Aircraft movements resembles SB4 stuttering... not better, not worse.

Regards. Duran.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#466524 Marcelo, would you be willing to install vPilot on your FSX machine and let me know if the aircraft movement is much smoother?
By Marcelo Duran 1176670
Ross Carlson 887155 wrote:Marcelo, would you be willing to install vPilot on your FSX machine and let me know if the aircraft movement is much smoother?

Hi Ross.

I just installed vPilot on FSX PC. It runs smooooooooooooth... beautiful... very different from SB4.

But the networked config stutters. No doubt! I've tried some changes at simconnect.cfg, simconnect.ini and simconnect.xml... No success, too.

Regards, Duran.
By Marcelo Duran 1176670
#466594 Hi again, Ross.

My original networked configuration is a wireless one.
I've just setup a cable one, to rule out the possibility of a bandwidth limitation on my wifi.
Unfortunately, I had no success... it still stutters. I went back to the wifi network.

Regards, Duran.
By Miguel Frias 1107190
#466600 Might be interesting to get to know more about the PC specs of each one and graphic cards. There might be some speed factor that is key here.
By Todd Malek 893834
#466602 Here are the specs of both of my PC's.

Intel i7 2600k OC 4.9GHz
XSPC RayStorm D5 EX240 Cooling
Sabertooth P67 MB (Intel GB NIC)
EVGA GTX580 Classified Ultra 3GB
2xSamsung EVO 1TB SSD,1TB WD Black HD
Corsair 1200AX PS.

Sec. PC:
AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz
ASUS M5A97 R2.0 MB
Agility3 120GB SSD
500GB WD
Thermaltake Toughpower 650 Modular PS
Intel PCIx DualPort GB NIC

All wired Gigabit FullDuplex 9K JumboPackets enabled
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By Don Desfosse 1035677
#466608 Ah, no wonder... That thing probably can't even get out of its way enough to run Notepad on Windows 3.1! Reminds me of my old 8086 machine with 5 1/4" floppies! LOL J/K!!

Remind me to ask you to build my next machine!
By Ross Carlson 887155
#466619 vPilot doesn't do anything with the local network. That's all SimConnect territory. I seriously doubt that it uses broadcast packets, since you have to specify the server IP in your cfg file.
By Herby GORE 1217546
Ross Carlson 887155 wrote:Morten and Herby, can you try running vPilot on the same computer as FSX and see if it is much smoother?
Done ;)
And it is absolutely smooth when vpilot runs on the same rig than FS. Same fps than the simulator and no stuttering at all.
Here are the specs of my FSX rig: Gigabyte Z77X-D3H - [email protected] - 8GB Gskill trident 2400MHz - Asus GTX 660 Ti Direct CU
The other computer is a virtual machine (Parallels desktop) running on a MBP retina.
The 2 computer are linked via gigabit ethernet.

Hope it helps ;)
By Colin Billing 820083
#466682 Hi Ross,

Just to also add input to this thread. I'm running vPilot (great bit of work by the way!) on a networked machine, and the movement is very stuttery.... in fact I've noticed they tend to make 2 or 3 "jumps" and then be fluid for 1/3 second or so and then repeat.... I also run AS Next and BAV ACARS software on the remote machine but have also tried just running vPilot and nothing changes :(

Running vPilot on the main FSX machine is silky smooth.... but as I'm running on 3x monitors in full screen I can't work out how I can use vPilot on that - so any sort of insight to how to make the networked scenario smooth would be greatly appreciated.

Like I said though, top job on the software.