By Ross Carlson 887155
#468530 Version 1.0.5260.20091 of vPilot is now available for download from the web site, or via the automatic update facility built into the client.

The following items were added or fixed in this version:

- 0002082: Bank angle is reversed when sending position updates.
- 0002080: Establish SimConnect connection on background thread to prevent UI lockup.
- 0002063: Increase radio volume.
- 0002051: Implement network traffic proxy in order to achieve smooth aircraft movement in networked configuration.
- 0002076: Increase brightness of non-directed radio text messages.
- 0002071: Improve landing light logic.
- 0002077: Change wording of missing model error to be more descriptive.
- 0002074: Retain existing values when loading a flight plan that omits some values.
- 0002066: Add minimize button.

Item #0002071 requires a bit of explanation. The logic that controls the appearance of lights on other aircraft now works as follows:

- Nav lights, strobes, and beacon are always on.
- Taxi light is on when the ground speed is greater than zero and less than 50 kts.
- Landing light is on when the ground speed is at or above 50 kts and the altitude is below 10,000 feet.
By Ross Carlson 887155
Ernesto Alvarez 818262 wrote:im surprised none of the fictional VA's have stepped up yet to submit their livery data

A few have contacted me ... I won't be adding VA model matching rules to the vPilot web site for download within the client. VAs can just provide the model matching rules file for download on their web site in the same place they provide the actual models for download. Users have to go there to get the models anyway.
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
Mohamed Abdellatef 1271346 wrote:what is the traffic proxy

It's purpose and usage is described in some detail in this thread: vPilot open beta for network stuttering fix available.

@Ross: Now that this is out of beta, were you planning on updating the online documentation to describe this proxy?
By Ross Carlson 887155
Bradley Grafelman 1242018 wrote:@Ross: Now that this is out of beta, were you planning on updating the online documentation to describe this proxy?

Yes, I was planning on updating the docs. Still am, in fact! ;)
By Morten Steen 860784
#468693 Hello Ross / guys, I'm running the latest version networked.

Is it necessary or recommended to run TrafficProxy and vPilot as admin?

I had some issues earlier with the FSUICP KeySend and WideFS / PTT stuff if I didn't run everything as admin.

Now, with the internal PTT, all that is obviously unnecessary, so I reverted to my old ways.

But what about TrafficProxy and vPilot?

By Ross Carlson 887155
#468694 In a networked configuration, running vPilot as admin should not be necessary. That should only be necessary if you are running vPilot on the same machine as FSX, you are using a keyboard key as PTT, and you are running FSX as admin.

For the TrafficProxy, same deal ... if you are running FSX as admin, and you want to use a keyboard key on the FSX machine as PTT, then you'll need to run TrafficProxy as admin.

You can avoid the need to run vPilot/TrafficProxy as admin by using a yoke button as PTT.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#468932 I've just added a couple paragraphs on how to get smooth aircraft movement when running vPilot over a network, as well as how to configure a keyboard key or joystick button for PTT on the FSX machine when running vPilot remotely.