By Tim Wong 1179662
#488522 One of the main goals of VATSIM is to create an environment which is fun and, at the same time, an educational and realistic simulation of procedures followed by pilots and air traffic controllers everyday around the world. We recognize the contributions of virtual airlines as significant and integral parts of the flight simulation community which allows many online pilots to experience the unique characteristics of the airline industry combined with authentic live air traffic control.

We are in partnership with nearly 500 virtual airlines which can be found on our Virtual Airlines & Special Operations Administration website (, the partnerships firstly promote VATSIM through encouraging VA pilots to choose to fly on our network, and secondly, allows VATSIM members to find a list of virtual airlines which are of a high standard.

VATSIM has a number of requirements which virtual airlines must meet, and continue to meet to continue as a partner. Every three months we audit virtual airlines to ensure these minimum requirements continue to be met. (The requirements can be found here:

The VA & SOA Department is seeking new Audit Managers who will report to the Director of Virtual Airlines to carry out the audits of our virtual airline partners. The role requires a minimum of two hours of volunteering per week and you will be given training on how to use the administration console.

The successful applicants will have the following qualities:

  • A member in good standing of VATSIM for at least one year with no serious infractions in CERT, i.e. DCRM actions resulting in an upheld or extended suspension for CoC or CoR infractions (does not include 24/48 hour SUP suspensions unless a pattern of multiple infractions exists). No duplicate CIDs to contravene a suspension.
  • Read, write and speak in English (but there is no requirement that English is your first language). Other languages are huge plus.
  • Able to work with people from across the world.
  • Diplomatic nature, and patient.
  • Able to keep privileged information confidential at all times.
  • Able to learn how to use our administration console.
  • An ambassador of VATSIM, at no times will bring discredit to VATSIM, the VATSIM leadership, or its members, and at all times is able to be a role model citizen for VATSIM.
  • Currently active as a controller/pilot on VATSIM with recent verifiable hours on the network.
  • Web development and/or events management skills are a bonus, but not a prerequisite.

All applications will be carefully considered.

If you wish to apply, please send an email to t.wong[at] - please include your CERT ID, previous experience, current or past held jobs on VATSIM, and your motivations for applying. You may be asked to attend an interview either using Team Speak or Skype.

The closing date is 17th July 2015 at 2359z. Successful applicants will be notified via email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Wong
Director of Virtual Airlines
VATSIM Virtual Airlines and Special Operations Administration