Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Jouka Ahponen 1239359
#500453 Very nice Eion! Just wondering, hiw come you are now using it on the Australian setup as well? Are you testing or just implemented it there as well? As far as I know in Australia they have another plugin they like to use but I can't recall it's name right now.

Anyways, looking good and I am glad you like it. Maybe show some pics from Irish setup as well?

/ Jouka
By Eoin Motherway 1315348
#500461 Hey Jouka,
In Australia, we use the TAAATS System, it's a system built on the Eurocat ATC system (Also designed by Thales) and we do have a Euroscope Plug-in for it.
Since i am not a VATEir Visitor, i had to either test the tags, colors and plugin itself within Australia or NZ. Since Australia had traffic, i loaded the Irish setup in Aus.
I'm still using TAAATS in Aus though ;)
By Andrew Morkunas 1017951
#502569 Euroscope VRC hybrid

Euroscope screen shows the ZNY consolidated N90 TRACON plus Long Island. Video maps from left to right, Newark, LaGuardia, Kennedy plus Long Island. VRC connected to the Euroscope proxy server with ground views of the three major N90 airports clockwise from upper left: KJFK, KLGA, KEWR with the lower left selectable by an alias command to show any minor airport in the ARTCC, currently showing KTEB.

Image ... 554c03.png
By Sam White 1214219
Matthew Moy 1288933 wrote:How did you manage to remove the ALERT text above the tag and only have the colours? :mrgreen:

Take a look at the "rimcas_label_only" option as described here: ... .json-file)