Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Ciaran Breen 1306639
#504870 Hello First Post on the forums. So ive been having this issue for a while now but its only really gotten worse since I have started controlling. So for the last Month now I have been controlling at Dublin and I keep missing Aircraft transmitting and no its not me not listening :D but this issue getting more and more annoying it doesn't only happening when controlling it happenes when im flying if don't speak or say anything while flying or controlling on a freq for more than 5 or so minutes it will just cut out. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it?
By Bradley Grafelman 1242018
#504883 What's the column label for the two IP/port entries? "Destination" and "source" or something along those lines? Assuming so, seems fine. If for some reason the controller client isn't able to bind to UDP port 3290 on your PC for receiving, it will instead (I believe) allow the O/S to assign a random number instead. If this is happening, obviously your port forwarding rule won't apply.

Try going to the web interface for the voice server you're using, e.g. (adjusting '' for whichever voice server you're using and 'zny_ga' for the voice room name you've selected in your controller client). When you activate the voice room, you can see which voice port the client has told the server you're using. For example, right now, the above URL shows:

Code: Select alluser 2 name = "ABE_S_APP (1335097)", address =

From that, you can deduce that ABE_S_APP's client is receiving voice on port 46103 rather than the typical 3290.

If that's the case (or even if you can't figure out why port forwarding doesn't work), you can try looking for a "UPnP Timeout" value in your router's configuration and hopefully be able to increase it.
By Johnny Coughlan 861497
#504888 To add to Ciraran post, this issue effects myself also and I've seen the same issue being brought up in other local division forums.

The voice channel does not disconnect, and only happens under certain circumstances.

E.g: I log on, talk to XYZ planes for X amount of time, then traffic levels die down and voice comms are quiet for X amount of time, then traffic X loads up, files an FP and calls for clearance only I don't hear anything, no mix click, static or voice.

Though when I just tap or press my PTT all seems to be well again.

My router, ISP has not changed and I've never had this problem before, as I said it only happens to me after a period of 'dead air'. A simple press of the PTT seems to fix it only it just a little annoying.
By Ross Carlson 887155
Lindsey Wiebe 1101951 wrote:Could this be a USB headset you're using? Perhaps Windows is powering down the USB port. Search for Windows USB port power management. You can switch it some how to always keep them powered on.

Good thought, but I'm reasonably certain that if that were the case, then pressing your PTT key would not wake it up again.

Definitely sounds like the classic UDP port timeout problem. Pressing PTT causes voice data packets to be transmitted, thus re-opening the port in the router.