By Luke Collister 1189687
#521543 Hi all,

I'm looking to be able to use Sweatbox or a simulator server of some kind to run scenarios which will allow me to link tower view (via FSX) to it. I have no issue setting up tower view on the network, however I recently found out that it won't work with Sweatbox or Euroscope's own simulator server.

Does anyone have any ideas? I need the VFR to work correctly so using ES 31.d (AFAIK) isn't an option.

By Brin Brody 1354520
#523681 I've used TWRTrainer and vSTARs to run a simulation with virtual tower view... So this is probably a EuroScope-isolated issue.

That said, I have no experience with EuroScope, so I have no idea as to a fix, this should at least narrow it down to a client.