By Evan Reiter 1314720
Nico Kaan 814584 wrote:
Evan Reiter 1314720 wrote:Let us know if you encounter any issues.


FYI, I found the following ICAO invalid aircraft type codes:

Thanks! I'll pass this on to the developers.
By Evan Reiter 1314720
Michael Broom 1244766 wrote:I have been using UT2 for my Ai traffic and now I have installed FLAi.

Can I run them both together or do I have to uninstall UT2.

Currently I have just gone into my sim and I cannot see any traffic at all although this is outside of Vatsim.

I don't think you would have any issue running both, although that would depend somewhat on which rules you're using for model matching in vPilot. The .vmr files control which callsigns are matched to which aircraft, and your mileage/success with running both will depend on which .vmr file takes precedence.

I might suggest you try running only one or the other first, to see how you like it/them. This should be as simple as just temporarily removing the .vmr file(s) for UT2 or FLAi and doing a few flights.

FLAi is only designed to work online for VATSIM, so you won't see any traffic/aircraft if you're not connected to the network.
By Nico Kaan 814584
Evan Reiter 1314720 wrote:FLAi is only designed to work online for VATSIM, so you won't see any traffic/aircraft if you're not connected to the network.

No that's not true. It is just a collection of normal AI aircraft from different developers. They will work in any context that uses AI aircraft, such as my PSXseeconTraffic program. Any other AI program that allows adding AI aircraft will work with it.

Maybe you mean the VMR file, that will ofcourse only be applicable to vPilot.
By Mark Osborne 1279319
#526525 Hello,

I've downloaded the SPAi Operations Center and have created and named a folder SPAi on my E drive (P3Dv4 installed on C drive) and extracted the packages there. In that folder I have 3 folders: Effects, SimObjects and Texure, a file named FLAI.lock and a zip file named FSXP3D. When I select the VMR file in Vpilot the rule set does not appear in my list in the advanced tab.

Have I done something wrong?

Best regards,
By Trevor Hannant 1240481
#526528 I wasn't able to get the models to show when using from a secondary drive, even after adding a section to SimObjects.cfg. Every aircraft came up with the standard "couldn't match" message in vPilot despite the fact it was clearly there.

Had to re-install with everything in the P3D main folder...
By Evan Reiter 1314720
#526530 Mark/Trevor, have you tried the suggestion I posted previously? Just asking to understand why it didn't work (it should have).

By Joaquin Blanco 860975
Evan Reiter 1314720 wrote:
Ron Rashi 1431263 wrote:
Joaquin Blanco 860975 wrote:Thank you for such a great package, had the opportunity this weekend to take part in a couple of Vatsim events and didn't have any livery errors, and the traffic was really smooth. Also tried it with Real Traffic/LorbyTraffic with no issues. Using P3dv4.3.

Sorry for the question, but I tried to connect vatsim with FLAi and I got for all the planes livery and model errors. So can you please describe how did you make this package to work? Thank you very much.

Which flight simulation platform are you using (FSX, Prepar3D v3, or Prepar3D v4)? Did you run the automatic installer or did you install manually?

Sorry for not coming back to you with a reply, unfortunately I've not visited this topic since I posted.

After installation I made sure of the following:

Added an entry in simobjects.cfg with path to installation folder.
Started vPilot and selected the FLAi set for model matching.
Then took part in a Vatusa event and didn't get any mismatch errors, probably because most of the callsigns and types were already in the FLAi package. Noticed a smoother performance by the AI and didn't get any black textures, the aircraft lighting and the aircraft textures were also incredibly clearer than those in other AI packages I've used.
Trust that by now you may have solved any issues.

best regards
By Mark Osborne 1279319
#526548 Hi Evan

Using a clean install I installed the models into a folder I created and named FLAi within the SimObjects folder of the P3dv4 folder. Copied the texture and effects files to the P3D equivalent folders. I then added the following to the end of the simobjects.cfg with Entry.9 being the previous entry.

Title=Default Airplanes

Once in vPilot, I added the FLAi Model Matching.vmr, and in the advanced tab checked only the SimObjects\FLAi\SimObjects\Airplanes box which has identified 1,696 models.

When I connect to Vatsim i see errors in red stating "Failed to create aircraft XXXXX using model "XXXXX". The model may be corrupt or missing. vPilot will try to create the aircraft with a different model". This error, from what I can tell gets displayed for all aircraft on the network.

Obviously I've made an error. Can you see where I went wrong?

Best regards,
By Evan Reiter 1314720
#526549 Mark,

I haven't used P3Dv4 for some time, but I THINK there was a change to how you add to SimObjects.cfg...or, at least, you have to edit a different file. It's possible you're changing the wrong SimObjects.cfg file. However, I don't know which one you need to modify, as I haven't done that before. It should also be noted that doing it this way won't enable FLAi's Effects or Texture folder additions.

Since you're using P3Dv4, I would recommend you try the add-on.xml method. As far as I know, you can use that method even when the files are installed on a separate drive. As I recall, you go to Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-Ons. In that directory, you'll likely find some other add-ons you can use as a template. You'll likely be able to copy the file syntax for the others, and just point the directory to your E:\ drive.

If that doesn't make any sense to you, it's because I don't have any flight simulator installed on my PC at the moment, so I can't give you better advice than that. Do you want to give it a try, and let us know how it goes? In the interim, I'll ask the people who know more than me to try to give you some better advice.
By Matthew Miller 1120544
#526552 Mark,
Is there a chance you may have other AI packages installed onto your computer? Or have you used any AI packages previously that could be causing a conflict? The failed to create aircraft message is very important as the first three letters in XXXXX let us know if it's actually FLAi or another package.

On my own personal setup, I have FLAi running on my "M" drive under M:\FLAi, and my P3D installed on my SSD under the regular "C" drive. When using the FLAi Operations Center, you can specify where you want FLAi installed. I created a folder called FLAi on my M drive, pointed the installer to that folder, then pressed update. Once FLAi is finished installing it will create the addon.xml for you under your Documents\P3D Add-ons folder. Although the Simobjects.cfg method will work, it's not recommended as everything you need is condensed into your home FLAi folder and connected to P3D using it's native SDK.

Now try this:

1. Navigate to your Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons and ensure there is no folder called, "FLAi" or "BVAI" or "SPAI." If there are then delete these folders.
2. Navigate to your Documents\vPilot Files folder and ensure there is no folder called, "FLAi" or "BVAI" or "SPAI." If there are then delete these folders.
3. Delete your FLAi folder you created in your SimObjects folder.
4. Delete any FLAi effects or texture files you moved over to the P3D equivalent folders.
5. Adding a path called Default Airplanes in SimObjects\FLAi\SimObjects\Airplanes might cause a conflict as it does not follow P3Dv4 SDK for third party addons. This is why we use the addon.xml method. It's quick, easy, and very organized. Editing core P3D configuration files is a huge headache, and one I personally stay clear of. One typo, out of order entry, or in this case the lack of a correct path can cause errors. Delete this entry you've added and save.
6. Start P3D without any AI installed and fly around for a few minutes. Also start Vpilot and ensure there are no AI packages listed in the settings\Model Matching\Advanced tab. The only thing that should be listed is SimObjects\Airplanes.
7. Download the FLAi Operations Center and Run As Administrator. If your computer doesn't give you the option to run it as administrator then that's fine.
8. Create a folder called, "FLAi" on your E drive. You can also use the default Appdata path if you wish to not create any new folders.
9. Go into the FLAi settings tab (Gear box icon) and change the simulator to P3Dv4 regular or with dynamic lighting. This is your choice, but if you use dynamic lighting in the simulator then go with the Dynamic Lights option.
10. Change the FLAi path to the folder you have created in the E drive. Ensure that after you press "OK" the path is correct. If you choose to use the default path, you can just leave it as Appdata.
11. Press Save, then update and let the installer do its thing.
12. Once the installer has finished, open P3D and enable FLAi when prompted. Please advise if you aren't prompted.
13. Load up at an airport with traffic, and open Vpilot. It may run through a self check to detect any new models. You should notice if you go into the Vpilot settings\Model Matching that there are now 1,800 or so models identified. You should also notice under Model Matching\Advanced that FLAI is listed and checked. FLAI should be the only model matching package listed. If there are others please uncheck them as they can conflict.
14. Under Vpilot Settings, click Model Matching\Custom Rules, and add the FLAi Model Matching.vmr. This is located in Documents\Vpilot Files. If there are other VMR files listed please delete these. Press Apply when finished.

Let us know if this fixes it. Although you can use the Simobjects.cfg method, FLAi was not designed to be used this way. An organized sim is a happy sim.
By Mark Osborne 1279319
#526553 Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your quick response.

The operations center did not give me an option to run as administrator, the only option was to open. I chose the default path in AppData to hopefully make things easier.

When I opened up P3D after the re-install there was no prompt to enable FLAi.

When opening vPilot it did not search for new aircraft and there is no FLAi model matching option, only the default.

All other steps were completed and I removed the entry I made into the SimObjects.cfg.

Thanks, I really do appreciate the help.
By Mark Osborne 1279319
#526555 Hi Matthew and Evan,

I've been reading about the XML way to manage addons. I've noticed that on my system FLAi did not create a folder with a .xml file in the Documents\P3dv4 Addons folder. I created a folder and the .xml looks like this:

<SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on">

When starting P3D I had a prompt asking me to enable FLAi which I clicked yes. vPilot scanned due to thinking there were new aircraft, and there was an FLAi model matching option which is ticked. However, there are no models to been found.

By Matthew Miller 1120544
#526568 Mark,
Change the addon.xml to the following:

<SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,4" id="add-on">
<AddOn.Description>FLAI - Next Generation Model Matching</AddOn.Description>

That should fix it.