By Allan Burek 811687
#526763 Tried a search, no help. Intermittently the vPilot volume will go lower when the sim is running. If I change the vPilot audio to my USB headset then the vPilot audio is fine. Back to the speakers and its low again. I have integrated Realtek sound.

Any help is appreciated as this is an intermittent issue so hard to troubleshoot.

By John Binner 835537
#528461 Same issue here. PD v4 and any aircraft. As soon as I bring in the sim sounds, vpilot goes almost too low to hear. If I use "Q" to mute sim sounds, then vpilot increases volume back where it should be.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#528462 This has got to be something triggered by the OS or your audio driver, or maybe mixer settings. vPilot never changes volume settings automatically.
By John Binner 835537
#528463 made some changes in the vpilot client and the windows output settings. Will see how it does next flight. (vpilot was down at 54% volume for some reason in Win10 output mixer.)
By John Binner 835537
#528818 seems to have been an issue MOSTLY with Windows 10 sound mixer. HOWEVER......

If I use the "Q" button to turn off sound in the sim (P3Dv4), and then at ANY time press Q again to turn the sound back on, the sound from vPilot gets quiet again. NO way to set it back louder unless I mute the cockpit noises again, or restart vPilot for the remainder of the flight.

Running vPilot as admin, P3D as normal user, but that user is also in the admin group. So that shouldn't be an issue either.

Only thing I can think of is reinstalling / updating audio drivers?
By Josh Nunn 1392173
#531648 In the windows sounds settings for your audio device ensure you have the following settings:

“Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” = UNCHECKED

“When windows detects communication activity” = DO NOTHING