Plan a flight with other members
By Morten Bangtrup 1420754
#522854 I'm looking for someone to fly a route with that's ATC controlled. I'm trying to learn to cope with ATC and communicate properly and that, however I'm not feeling confident enough in doing this on my own. Therefor, I'd like to fly as a FO beside a pilot with experience talking to ATC. If anyone's interested, hit me up! I'd literally fly along on basically any flight! //Cheers
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#522855 Just do it, like the tens of thousands of pilots have done it before you. Nobody will bite off your head when you make mistakes.

Begin with a route/city-pair that you know already. First fly it offline with all the bells and whistles (taxi according to charts, brief your departure, use your FMS, brief your arrival and approach, again use charts). When you think that you will be able to direct the majority of your attention to concentrate on air traffic control, go for it. Leave a remark in your flightplan, stating that you are a newbie: "RMK/NEWBIE FIRST ONLINE FLIGHT".

Again, nobody will shout at you, try your best, learn, repeat, repeat, repeat. When you are not sure what ATC wants from you, be honest: "say again". Never assume or guess what ATC may have told you. Be sure. If you are not: "say again".
By Robert Shearman Jr 1155655
#522887 That is all very good advice. Learn-by-doing! :-)

However, if you really prefer to take things slower, you can sign up for VATSTAR and work with one of our staff Instructors. We can talk you through what the ATC interaction will be like, and you can practice a little that way before you try an online flight.
By Ken Stone 1443455
#529878 Hi all

Im a real world private pilot with 25 years experience and fly X-Plane models of all sorts. I recently purchased the smartcopilot app that allows two pilots to share control of the great planes x plane as to offer, and various payware planes we both may or may not have.
If you are interested in no longer being alone in the cockpit id like to hear for you.

I have my own teamspeak for cabin chatter and I would like to share the radio responsibilities here at Vatsim along with the management of the aircraft systems.

Teamspeak address is (not a link)
I am ok with a seasoned pilot with avsim experience or a newbie that wants help navigating this great sim world.

Add me on Steam Megahurt from Toronto Canada.
Lets Fly!