By Michael Uy 1259722
#528213 Hey folks,

I have just recently updated my Euroscope client to the version 3.2a(r18) and I also had a sweatbox session with a student earlier.

Although I have noticed that there was a button missing which is located somewhere here - I kinda forgot the name of that dialog box but you have the ability to set up the simulated controllers there.

Not sure if that has been removed or has been placed somewhere else. Any help here would be greatly appreciated
By Hakan Schulz 937154
#528217 I have also note that it has been removed and I think that it is very unfortunate.

I really do hope that Gergely Csernak, please, could consider retaining the function to simulate other controllers in order to continue to use amazing EuroScope tools for Approach and Center controller training as well not only as a Tower Simulator.

I miss the Simulator (training) dialog with respect to possibility to simulate other controllers:

The missing button:

Please, reimplement the possibility to simulate of other controllers.
By Nestor Perez 1369273
#528252 I'm pretty sure it's a 'bug' with the latest (quite large) changes to the simulation side of EuroScope. Even though, I've dropped him a line and will post any response about it here.

Kind regards,
By Nestor Perez 1369273
It is definitely not a normal bug. I removed the button believing that it has no attached extra feature that you can not reach from anywhere else. I will put it back for the next release.


So basically he took it off thinking it was possible to access that function from somewhere else, but will put it back :P .