By Jamie Slaney 1299482
#531180 Hello,

Since I installed my flight sim (prepar3d v3.15) onto my dad's computer, having previously flown it from my laptop with no issues-I have been unable to communicate verbally on VATSIM. I can communicate via text, and can hear transmissions, but I never get any responses when requesting a radio check. I have checked my settings, and I can see nothing out of the ordinary. I don't get any responses weather I am flying the Aerosoft airbus or the PMDG 777 which I recently purchased. Due to this, I feel its appropriate to fly offline until the issue is properly resolved.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Jamie Slaney
By Kenneth Haught 1067681
#531182 Sounds crazy, as you said you have "checked the settings" but have you confirmed in vPilot that your input device is set correctly, and that you are using the correct PTT? Also verify through Windows that the input device is functioning correctly, not muted, etc?

I'm also not familiar with P3D, but if you are running the sim as an Admin, make sure you also launch vPilot as an Admin...otherwise it will only pickup your PTT key when flight sim does NOT have focus (i.e. when you click another window or on vPilot itself).
By Jamie Slaney 1299482
#531183 Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for your response. I have 2 options for the input device, I am not 100 percent sure which is the correct one for Vpilot, having tried them both- I have had no luck. The two options are

Direct sound- Microphone (IDT high Definition Audio CODEC)
Wave- Headphones (IDT High Definition)

Not sure which is preferable- I know the output is fine as it is...… which is the WAVE option.

Can you confirm for me please where exactly I can check the Mic isn't muted because although I have been through the settings I could have missed something.

Thank you for your help.

By Kenneth Haught 1067681
#531212 You're welcome! Glad you got it sorted out. Windows has "always" (circa Win7) been funny about how programs interact.