By Jonny Hume 912847
#535006 After a few years of using vPilot without issues, I had to re-install due to connection issues.
It is asking me for a default FSX aircraft even though I do not have FSX, only P3D.
The P3D default aircraft is correct.
I have no FSX aircraft identified or installed.
I got rid of FSX 2 years ago.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Jonny Hume
By Ross Carlson 887155
#535034 It's a utility that does exactly what I described ... it's for tricking FSX add-ons into thinking you have FSX installed, when you really only have P3D installed. It won't help you here. I was asking because if you have it installed, it could cause this problem.

As Norm said, you must still have old FSX registry entries hanging around. When you uninstalled FSX, did you run the actual uninstaller, or did you just delete files?