By Hardik Ramnani 1351523
#534827 So I know this issue has been addressed long ago, but I just switched to vatsim after years again thinking that such issue might have been fixed but unfortunately nope. I am still facing this issue where if i don't transmit on freq I can hear atc after a few seconds pass by an sometimes I end up cutting someone else's transmission which makes me feel really bad thus I switched to text instead, but I need some sorta solution to fix this issue, I have read the forums and tried Port-forwarding but my ISP does not support port forwarding at the moment since my ISP is testing it's high speed network. so I have run out of solutions, I have also excluded windows firewall/antivirus as well from v pilot's entire folder and the app itself but no luck..would installing swift client fix this issue? i Much prefer v pilot over swift still.

By Ross Carlson 887155
#534834 Why does the fact that your ISP is testing a new network prevent you from doing port forwarding?

Note that port forwarding will no longer be required once we are finished rolling out the new voice system, which is currently in beta testing.