By Henrik Roe 1113810
#535393 Hi, I am having issues with model matching as well. I have run P3D v3 before, uinstalled it and now running P3D v4. I am not able to make any changes to my vPilot settings due to P3D model matching failure default airframe error. I am not even able to Select server or enter my password. P3D v4 model matching is ok.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#535405 Henrik, it must be that the P3D v3 registry entries and installation folder still exist. You could try manually deleting the installation folder. (Or just rename it if you don't want to delete it.) That should make vPilot think it is no longer installed.
By Ross Carlson 887155
#535497 I asked for a screenshot showing the FSX tab expanded on the left side. Can you post that? Specifically, it would be helpful to see the list of folders on the "Advanced" sub-tab under FSX.

Also, how many models does it say it found and identified for FSX?