Air Traffic Controller Discussion With a Global Perspective
By Josh Jenk 1383451
Kirk Christie 956763 wrote:While it is good to see a VA encouraging members to fly on the networks, you should be flying on the network because you want to experience what the network has to offer, not because your VA requires you to. VA's that have this requirement need to rethink their strategies, and members that join VA's with these requirements and fly solely on the network because of it, need to re think their choice in VA, because obviously, the for the most part is not meeting the desires off that member.

95% agree. This issue of pilots disconnecting should in no way be blamed on the VA’s. As you said it’s up to each pilot to evaluate his needs and act accordingly. There are plenty of VA’s that have the option for offline flying and if a pilot doesn’t want to fly online they should go with those. There is no need for VA’s to “rethink their strategies.” They target a specific audience. If others want to join the VA they need to follow the rules and regs laid out by the VA.
By Tim Simpson 1339557
#535604 where did I say it was REQUIRED. LOL. I said it was encouraged. It's the pilots choice to fly on or offline, but the VA asks that you do it online. Credit for the flight has no bearing with regard to the online/offline status of the flight.

There are a lot of control freaks on this board...Hahahahahaha. You should do this, you shouldn't do that, this is the way it has to be done..... :shock:

It's breakfast time as I write this. Anyone want to tell me what I should eat for breakfast? :mrgreen:
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#535607 Hey Tim,

yes, VATSIM can and will tell you what to do and what not to do. We all abide to these rules to keep up the spirit of VATSIM, it is the basis of this community. End of discussion about this, please.
By Ben Stevenson 956216
#535625 There are very few things that upset/sadden me more than looking on VATspy, seeing there are a bunch of arrivals heading towards my airport, i log in to provide arrival service and they all disconnect. Some right away, some once they get close and get that contact me message. Also watching a pilot pop up on the ground only to disappear, then show up again just after taking off or once outside my airspace is just aggravating. Some try to claim their internet went down or they got disconnected, nice try, i know you disconnected on purpose. I don't get it either, why fly on VATSIM if you're not going to interact with ATC.
By Kirk Christie 956763
Tim Simpson 1339557 where did I say it was REQUIRED. LOL.

Tim Simpson 1339557 wrote:Sometimes a pilot is only on the network because it's recommended, or required by a VA

Looks like you did say it was required.... LOL

Kirk Christie 956763 wrote: VA's that have this requirement need to rethink their strategies,

This is a non specific statement, it is not directed at any one in particular, or any VA in particular, this should be obvious due to the fact that no names, or VA's have been mentioned in this generic statement, It has been known that there are VA's out there that have this requirement.

Tim Simpson 1339557 wrote:tell them (ATC) what you are going to do (leave comms for 30 minutes), instead of asking. Presenting it that way primes them to accept what you want,

And ATC has every right to tell you to log off, as you said, telling you, instead of asking you, primes you to accept what they want.

Andreas Fuchs 810809 wrote:yes, VATSIM can and will tell you what to do and what not to do

Why Tim? because its their network, they built it, they run it, you are just a user, and you agreed when you signed up to use the network, the way that they want you to. Just like how the States build the roads, and then tell you how to use them, and if you dont follow their rules, they take away your right to use the roads.
By Mats Edvin Aaro 1227980
#535642 Kirk has some good points.
I have encountered this before. Pilots leaving their connection unattended, gets walloped only to return and pull the "I'm entitled to 30 minutes away" card.

Let's just get some facts on the table:

Every time you log on, you agree to VATSIM's CoC, CoR, UA and all the other fancy-worded documents. Flying on VATSIM is not a right, it's a privilege. If you do not accept to abide by these rules, you are no longer in a good standing on the network, and VATSIM will ultimately revoke your permission to use it. Of course do not take me wrong, it is much more complicated than that, but at the same time - it's that simple.

No user, no matter who you are or what you are doing, is allowed to be away from the connection for more than 30 minutes. However, you can scrap that rule in controlled airspace, as it is overridden by B3(a), which says that it is the pilot's responsibility to respond to ATC in timely manner.

The practice is for pilots to ask ATC if they can go AFK. The ATC has the right to grant or deny this request, but he is not allowed to tell anyone to disconnect. Only supervisors and administrators have this right, with good reason.
I haven't seen this much and it is not a big problem network-wise, but just call a supervisor and he will assist you.

Sorry for sidetracking the post, just wanted to get some facts on the table. :P