By Lindsey Wiebe 1101951
#535585 I've never used swift but with vPilot you can select under options "always on top" so you can keep it open and not have to minimize your sim; I'm going to assume it's similar (i'm also assuming you only have the one monitor and haven't dragged the client to the 2nd...).

You can't use the sim chat/ATC as it's not linked to the network.
By Andreas Fuchs 810809
#535588 Yes, on swift you can also do that. On swiftGUI, on the top open the menu "Window" and then select "Toggle stay on top". You can also "float" individual widgets (e.g. Text/Chat) and then, with a right-click to access the context-menu, make it stay on top.
By David Franklin 911013
#535619 I ended up using a spare monitor I had around. Just cost me about $30 to get a new power cord and cable. Had to change fs9 back to windows mode and have SWIFT and other sim stuff on the 2nd monitor. I did figure out messaging on Thanks folks!
By Mats Edvin Aaro 1227980
#535649 Broadcasting via Swift in-sim, just like XSB works will probably come sometime in the future. I spoke to one of the devs not too long ago, they have just not come around to it yet... :)