By carl wood 820258
#538224 Hi, just wondered are there any plans to make xpilot compatable for VR?
At the moment you cant move it into VR using Move VR and this is a big Negative for VR users.
There are a growing number of VR users now and i think it would be great if this fantastic client could be modified to work in VR.
By Craig Deitch 813092
#539862 Hi Justin. While xPilot has just the right amount of complexity for us VR users (i.e. it doesn't badly affect FPS which are so critical in VR) you lose situational awareness without the abilty to see text messages, or if you don't notice the notification sound at the time. If you could please expose the messages via datarefs as is done in XSquawkbox (see manual reference below) then we can create the VR windows required to see the text messages.

2.2.45 do_on_new_XSB_text( "Lua code string" )
a) Lua code string = A string containing Lua code you want to be calculated every time when the plugin receives a new text message from XSquawkBox. This is called by a XSquawkBox event. You can read out the predefined variable XSB_TEXT_MESSAGE, XSB_TEXT_FROM, XSB_TEXT_FREQ, XSB_TEXT_USE, or do whatever you like when XSquawkBox receives a new text message.

I hope you'll consider implementing this when you get some time.

Cheers, Craig.