By Matteo Virdis 926589
#34375 Hi Everyone.
I'd like to know if there are, on the Web , charts for departure and arrival from and to VABB.
i found some material, but i'm sure it is incomplete; there only one SID and it is directed South.
my purpouse is to fly toward Europe, so i need to find right charts.
thanks for help
By Clayton D'cruz 821352
#35291 hi i think i have more comprehensive, but im sure its at my work pc, so i will check tomorrow at work and email if i do have

By Robert Bodner 940061
#129361 Hi--Stephan---When I went to the INDIA site you listed and when I clicked on a specific airport ,or any airport on the site to print out a chart for that airport ,on the bottom left corner of the screen it has a "Golden" lock and it says this is encrypted and I can not print out this chart???

Any suggestion here??