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.asr file list under "open sct"

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Under the "open sct" button in the menu there's a list of .asr files. My problem is that this list is currently 8 entries, and 3 of them are identically namned and I don't use any of those (they were created when I was experimenting a bit before I got the hang of multiple sectorfiles). But the problem is I can't find where these list entries are saved nor the .asr files wich these entries are connected to. So how do I delete items from this list? Since it is quite cluttred already and I want to create some more profiles for additional atc positions. I've read the wiki but I wasn't able to find anything on this particular item.

Johan Grauers

Event Coordinator - vACC Scandinavia

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You should also be able to open the relevant profile file (.prf) and find the lines that start with:




Some of them should have the names of the .asr's that you don't want. If you delete those lines the unwanted .asr's should be removed.


A good idea is to make a backup of the .prf first. Just to be on the safe side.



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