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SECTOR in ese. Is it possible?

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Will ES just stop searching after it sees the first NY_MIP_CTR? I used the same name because this is only a altitude split but in the same area. If the B3 controller is not on then the B4 controller will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume both HI and LO portions of that sector. Is this possible or must I name it something else?



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Should be possible, at least it is when they are covered by the same controller. Not sure if I ever tried it with different controllers. However you won't be able to select the sectors individually in the manual ownership dialog, so maybe that is a reason why you should consider a different naming.

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There is no real code that looks the sector by name. Only if you would like to switch it on in the Display Settings dialog. Therefore the duplicate name should not cause any problem for the code. Probably you will not be able to use the manual configuration dialog easily.


EuroScope developer

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